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James White Is The Vine Superstar You Need In Your Life Right Now

His clips have now been watched almost 80 million times.

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This is James White. He is something of a legend on Vine.

White has over 230,000 followers on the short-video platform, thanks to his goofy clips about his life in China.

He makes short clips about every element of his life, no matter how mundane.

He also uses a recurring catchphrase involving a variation of, "Very cool, very nice, I like it."

His simple Vines have been played almost 80 million times.

Vine loves him so much that tribute clips have sprung up.

For a while White posted a lot about wanting to find a girlfriend.

"Check out myself, I'm looking for a woman. Hi ladies."

White said he was looking specifically for a "white woman".

Which led to Vine users trying to find him a partner, including the brilliant BatDad.

And resulted in this inevitable Vine account.

As well as being a superstar on Vine, White has a considerable following on other social media sites.

His 22,000 followers on Twitter also enjoy his regular postings.

Just look at how laidback he is.

James White – the coolest man on the internet.