Two Couples Were Apparently Caught Having Sex Outside A Belfast Club And It Has Led To Slut-Shaming Online

The incident happened after a student night.

1. These clubbers were pictured apparently having sex outside El Divino nightclub in Belfast last Thursday.

Alan Lewis / PressPhoto

The image quickly went viral, coming shortly after a video of a young Irish woman performing oral sex on 24 men in exchange for a free cocktail in Magaluf spread across the internet.

While there is no way of confirming whether the couples were indeed having sex, some have also compared the incident to the “Slane girl” episode, which involved a teenager being caught performing oral sex on concertgoers at an Eminem gig last year.

2. Police said officers are currently not investigating the alleged incident.

A Police Service of Northern Ireland spokesman told the Irish Mirror: “We haven’t received any reports and aren’t investigating at this time.”

3. However, people have been very quick to express their own opinions on the matter, focusing on the girls involved.

Actually imagine ridin in El Divino car park. IMAGINE. Jesus H Christ, these people need saved

— Sharon Doherty (@ShharonDoherty)

Feel shan on those girls who were having sex outside some Belfast club. It's the reality of life, it happens everywhere, I hear all the time

— Erin (@ErinGuy_)

9. Then Twitter users soon started asking why the men involved weren’t being singled out as well.

Someone on Facebook just called ONLY those girls caught having sex outside in Belfast "sluts"- sorry, what about the guys below them?

— Amber McIntyre (@ambieeeeeeRose)

Apparently two couples had sex outside Belfast club. Comments pour scorn on the women but not the men, obviously. #sexism

— E Green (@FrDerekBeeching)

Whilst I am grossed out by this, why is all the focus on the woman in this picture? #alsowhatiswrongwiththeworld

— Alyssia Sharpe (@alyssiasharpe)

Just read about peeps having sex outside pub in Belfast. Why are just the girls condemned? @couriermail #eldivinobelfast #twototango

— Jolene Ogle (@JoleneOgle)

So full of double standards it hurts..

— radagast the brown (@lilly_tonks)

14. This tweet in particular from the Daily Telegraph in Australia drew criticism.

This is crazy sexist reporting. There are two men in that picture as well, not just "two girls having sex"

— Sarah Ditum (@sarahditum)

@dailytelegraph With men. They're having sex with men! Are men just not accountable for standards? #everydaysexism

— Beccy (@cheesebuffet)

WITH MEN! Even the article says 'couples'! RT @dailytelegraph: Picture of two girls having sex outside nightclub

— Lauren G (@geeoharee)

Why just shame the girls?? RT @dailytelegraph Picture of 2 girls outside club in Belfast moves conversation about standards on from Magaluf.

— Emily Quintin (@emilyquintin)

“@dailytelegraph: 2 girls having sex outside nightclub” > the men there apparently aren't having sex @EverydaySexism

— KV_Guiding_DBA (@kelloggs_ville)

21. A spokesperson for the Belfast club told BuzzFeed: “Ensuring all its customers enjoy an evening out in a safe and secure environment is paramount for the staff of El Divino.

“We have a robust management strategy in place, with all staff trained on the policies and procedures to take regarding inappropriate activity of any kind within, or in the grounds of, our venue.

“We have carried out our own investigations and spoken to the individuals concerned, whilst we do not condone this type of behaviour we are completely satisfied that nothing untoward occurred.”

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