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    These Two Builders Took Pity On An Old Lobster And Decided To Save It

    "He's an old boy and he deserves better than ending up in the pot."

    Builders Derek Mitchell and Paul Tresidder decided to do something pretty unusual when they visited a seafood festival in Penzance, Cornwall, recently.

    Blue Reef Aquarium

    They decided to save a lobster.

    The men were supposed to be working on a job in the area but when it was rained off they decided to go and find something to eat.

    It was then that they stumbled across the lobster and decided to do something wonderful.

    The pair reportedly paid £30 for the lobster, which they nicknamed Rocky, and attempted to find him a new home.

    We spotted a sign for the seafood festival and I saw this big live lobster sitting on ice. I said to Paul 'I want to buy that lobster and save it. He's an old boy and he deserves better than ending up in the pot'!

    The builder than rang Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium to see if it could take Rocky.

    Blue Reef Aquarium

    On the way to the aquarium the pair also stopped by B&Q where the manager donated a plastic container and the men filled it with salt water for the journey.

    It came as a bit of a surprise when we found out these two burly builders wanted to save this fantastic-looking lobster.They said they wanted to save Rocky from the pot and it was a bit like him winning the lottery!Initially we put him in to our quarantine tank to make sure he was fit and healthy but he's in such good condition that we've now put him in to our main native marine display where Derek and Paul can come and see him whenever they want.


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