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People Are Very Upset That Scrabble Now Lets You Play Dench, Ridic And Lolz

This is all so ridic.

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An extra 6,500 words have been added to the official Scrabble wordlist, including a host of modern terms such as ridic, lolz, emoji and sexting.

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The list of approved terms in the popular board game now includes a quarter of million words, The Guardian reported.

The new words, announced on Thursday, mainly come from sectors such as technology, social media and sport.

Facetime, for example, will gain you 15 points in a game from now on, while bezzy is worth 18.

Yui Mok / PA WIRE

Other additions include cakehole (17 points), podiumed (14 points) and tunage (8 points).

Dench (11 points), a term coined by the rapper Lethal Bizzle to mean "excellent", has also made its way in.

“Dictionaries have always included formal and informal English but it used to be hard to find printed evidence of the use of slang words,” Helen Newstead, head of language content at Collins, said.

“Now people use slang in social media posts, tweets, blogs, comments, text messages – you name it – so there’s a host of evidence for informal varieties of English that simply didn’t exist before.”

Obviously Twitter had a lot to say about the new words.

If I play Scrabble with with someone and they play "LOLZ" We're not friends anymore.

The correlation between people who use 'ridic' in everyday conversation and people who are massive idiots must be pretty close #scrabble


Lethal Bizzle and Frimpong have managed to get "Dench" into the Scrabble dictionary. What a time to be alive.

What the actual f**k? "Lolz," isn't a word!! >> BBC News - Thousand of new words added to Scrabble dictionary

New words in the Scrabble dictionary include ‘Obvs’ and ‘Ridic’. Which is obviously ridiculous.

Everytime Scrabble tries to justify efforts to include modern non-words it sounds like an April Fool's Day joke


Scrabble is destroying itself imho allowing all these rather suspect words.

"obvs" & "lolz" being added to #Scrabble? What shizzle.

And some eagle-eyed Scrabble fans noticed we're still missing "kwyjibo".

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And "jozxyqk".

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Maybe next time, guys.

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