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    Tour Operator Captures Incredible Pictures Of Baby Giraffe Being Born

    The images even show the cute baby's very first steps.

    Andreas Knausenberger took these amazing pictures of a giraffe giving birth in the Masai Mara, Kenya, while out on safari.

    The 32-year-old German told the Caters news agency his group stopped a distance away from the animal after realising it was in labour.

    "After about 30 minutes the baby came out bit by bit, and finally fell about two metres on to its back," he said.

    "Only 15 seconds later, the newborn lifted its head and the mother started cleaning it carefully."

    His pictures show two other giraffes coming over to see the baby shortly after it was born.

    Knausenberger said it took the baby giraffe half an hour, and numerous failed attempts, to stand up.

    He even captured the giraffe's very first steps.