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    Tom Hiddleston Wrote Joss Whedon The Most Amazing Email After Reading "The Avengers" Script

    Reason 64,785 Tom Hiddleston is the greatest human being alive.

    When British actor Tom Hiddleston received the script for The Avengers, a film in which he plays baddie Loki, it’s fair to say he was pretty excited.

    So excited he apparently decided to write Joss Whedon a heartfelt email thanking the director for writing him such an incredible part.

    The email is being published in Joss Whedon: The Biography, which is out next month but Business Insider has obtained a copy of the exchange.

    Joss,I am so excited I can hardly speak.The first time I read it I grabbed at it like Charlie Bucket snatching for a golden ticket somewhere behind the chocolate in the wrapper of a Wonka Bar. I didn't know where to start.
    Thank you for writing me my Hans Gruber. But a Hans Gruber with super-magic powers. As played by James Mason ... It's high operatic villainy alongside detached throwaway tongue-in-cheek; plus the "real menace" and his closely guarded suitcase of pain. It's grand and epic and majestic and poetic and lyrical and wicked and rich and badass and might possibly be the most gloriously fun part I've ever stared down the barrel of playing. It is just so juicy.
    Marvel Studios, Paramount Pictures
    That he loves to make an entrance; that he has a taste for the grand gesture, the big speech, the spectacle. I might be biased, but I do feel as though you have written me the coolest part.
    "But really I'm just sending you a transatlantic shout-out and fist-bump, things that traditionally British actors probably don't do. It's epic."
    Tom, this is one of those emails you keep forever. Thanks so much. It's more articulate (and possibly longer) than the script. I couldn't be more pleased at your reaction, but I'll also tell you I'm still working on it ... Thank you again. I'm so glad you're pleased. Absurd fun to ensue.Best, (including uncharacteristic fist bump), joss

    You can read the full email exchange here.

    Tom, we love you.

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