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This Woman Said She Found Blood In Her Costa Coffee After The Guy Who Served Her Cut His Hand

Janine Hughes said she took two sips of the drink and it tasted like iron.

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Costa has apologised after a customer claimed she found blood in her latte.

Wales News Service

Janine Hughes bought the hot drink in Swansea, south Wales, and thought it tasted a bit odd.

On removing the latte's lid she reportedly found blood mixed with her drink.

The Daily Mail quoted Hughes as saying:

I drove off and took two sips of my latte and it tasted like iron. I realised something was wrong, but did not know what at the time.

Then I saw blood on the inside of the lid and realised there was blood in the coffee.

I was filled with horror when I realised what I had just drunk. I drove back and asked to see the manager.

She said the manager of the drive-through Costa in Llansamlet, Swansea, told her the person who served her had cut their hand.

Matt Horwood / Wales News Service

The 30-year-old IT worker said the server was "mortified" by what had happened and Hughes and her partner were eventually handed new coffees, the South Wales Evening Post reported.

Hughes said she went for blood tests to make sure she did not catch anything from her contaminated drink.

Wales News Service

"I don't think I will ever go to Costa again," she said. "I will support my local coffee shops."

A Costa spokesperson said in a statement: “Our area manager has spoken to Ms Hughes and apologised for the distress this obviously caused her.

"This was an isolated incident and does not reflect our high standards of safety and hygiene."

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