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This Woman Is Constantly Bombarded With Messages Online By People Confused By Her Username

Chelsea LaSalle told BuzzFeed she receives as many as 100 tweets a minute from people who don't realise they're tweeting the wrong account.

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This is San Francisco-based photographer and blogger Chelsea LaSalle.

Twitter: @chelsea

Chelsea LaSalle uses Twitter.

Her username on Twitter is @chelsea.

And boy, does it get confusing for some people.

Despite tweeting very clear messages such as this from her account, she gets bombarded with messages every match day.

LaSalle told BuzzFeed she receives between 50 and 100 tweets per minute when Chelsea are playing.


Even football's governing body, FIFA, doesn't mention the right Chelsea account when tweeting.

Ashley Young rescued @ManUtd, @Chelsea preserved five-point lead. @premierleague round-up

FYI, Chelsea FC's account is @ChelseaFC. Not that tricky really.

Clive Rose / Getty Images

LaSalle said a friend who worked at Twitter helped her secure the @chelsea account around seven years ago.

"I didn't even think about it at the time," she said. "I knew some people would mention me thinking they tagged their friends if they didn't really know how to use Twitter, but I didn't expect a crazy influx of football fans."

She said some Twitter users can get angry and say mean things to her when they realise they've tweeted the wrong account.

@Chelsea change ur @ you slut barm

“@chelsea: i hate football season” Change your @ then. Attention seeking at its finest

Despite that though, La Salle said she finds the attention her account receives "kind of funny" and will sometimes make jokes in replying to the thousands of messages she receives.

@BtotheU Yeah but I still need to get my nails done.

Although she did admit that finding her own mentions among the relentless stream of messages sent to @chelsea can be difficult.

The photographer said she has been approached to sell her username but has no plans to relinquish the Twitter handle.

La Salle said that despite her jokes on Twitter, she actually likes football and supports Chelsea ("how could I not?"), having lived in the UK for a year.

La Salle is of course not the only person on Twitter to suffer from this problem.

For example, this is not French club Paris Saint-Germain's Twitter account.

Just a friendly reminder: This is not the account for the football club. You want @PSG_inside.

This is not the Ashes Test cricket series.

This is not Robin van Persie.

No headers from me. I wear thick spectacles. And I need my brains since I am already old. But I still have deadly legs & pack a mean kick.

And this is not the high-street chain John Lewis.

.@BecsS1970 You're welcome. I aim to please. So does @johnlewisretail, I hear. Come again soon.

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