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This Video Will Change The Way You Feel About Walking Next To Strangers

“You are better than him, you are busier than him.”

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For some bizarre reason we find it excruciatingly uncomfortable to be walking alongside a complete stranger at exactly the same pace and in the same direction.

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Emmy-nominated composer Daniel Koren and Vania Heymann, a second year student at the Bezalel school of art and design in Jerusalem, decided to highlight this phenomenon along New York’s Fifth Avenue.

The resulting video shows Koren engaging in a “walking contest” with a supposed stranger.

The clip is beautifully shot and comes with a thumping soundtrack.

Koren is determined to win the imaginary race.

Some find this unbearably awkward.

After "winning" the race, Koren ponders at the finish line: “What is so scary about moving together at the same speed?


“Is it safety issues, intimacy, individualism? Like there is no way I have something in common with this stranger, not even the speed of walking.

“Why can’t we walk together, I think it can be very cool.”

Why indeed?