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This Slayer-Loving Cat Is A Bigger Metal Fan Than You

Cats who love heavy metal = what the internet was invented for.

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This video of a cat enjoying a performance by heavy metal band Slayer has gone viral for a second time.

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The clip, from April 2011, shows the metal-loving cat sitting upright on a sofa transfixed by the gig.

It has now been watched almost one million times.

YouTube user InZane4all wrote in the video's description:

This is my cat Buddy. I was watching Slayer perform from the Big 4 concert and caught this little guy chillin' and watching as well.

What's funny is how he looks so into it. I guess he takes after his master.

Btw the song is "Seasons in the Abyss" by Slayer. Enjoy!

So metal.

InZane4all / Via