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    This Rare "Alien-Like" Goblin Shark Has Been Found Off The Coast Of Australia

    Someone has claimed the rarely seen shark is "beautiful". What do you think?

    Have you ever seen a goblin shark before? Do you want to? Great โ€“ watch this.

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    The Australian Museum showed off the specimen in a video uploaded at the weekend.

    Australian Museum / Via

    The 1.26-metre-long shark was caught in a net by a trawler off Gabo Island in January, Sky News reported.

    It was held at the Wharf Aquarium in Merimbula before being taken to the museum.

    The Australian Museum said what made the rarely seen goblin shark so unusual was its "alien-like" jaw.

    Australian Museum / Via

    Mark McGrouther, the fish collection manager at the museum, told Agence France-Presse: "I suspect because it has got soft, flabby musculature, it doesn't need much energy ... so it will swim slowly over the bottom just using its snout like a metal detector.

    "It will be sweeping over the bottom and when it detects a small fish, or a crab or a squid it will shoot those jaws out 'wham' and capture whatever it is.

    "It will spear it with those sharp pointed teeth and then just wolf it down whole."

    McGrouther also said he thought the shark wasn't hideous, but beautiful.

    Australian Museum / Via

    Which is a matter of opinion, I suppose.

    Australian Museum / Via

    Let's look a little closer.

    Australian Museum / Via

    Bit closer.

    Australian Museum / Via
    1. Do you think the goblin shark is beautiful?

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    Do you think the goblin shark is beautiful?
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      Hell yes, it is! What a handsome devil.
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      What the hell?? NO! That thing looks like it'd rip my face off!

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