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    This Playground Rap Battle By British Schoolchildren Is Quite Incredible

    Warning: There are a lot of mum jokes and NSFW language. They are schoolkids, after all.

    Are you ready to watch the most ridiculous rap battle you've ever seen? Sure? OK, take a look at these guys:

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    It's hard to know who comes out on top in such an incredible round of juvenile playground joking, but this guy deserves particular praise for getting us going and, obviously, rapping while holding a crutch.

    This guy too, for not using any pre-prepared lines.

    This chap is a bit too aggressive, but at least he gets the all-important OTT reaction.

    The video has rocketed to the top of the r/video subreddit after Brazilian rapper and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here contestant Aggro Santos uploaded it to his Facebook page.

    Facebook: video.php

    In five days it has been watched over 2.5 million times and shared almost 30,000 times.

    The origin of the clip is proving hard to track down but some people have suggested the ridiculous rap battle may have taken place at a secondary school in Bristol.

    So Aggro Santos has uploaded our school rap battle to his Facebook, Wtaf is going on

    There's a video circulating FaceBook of a rap battle between two secondary school students at a school in Bristol, it's hilarious!

    St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School is being namechecked as the school in question.

    I swear this rap battle all over the Internet was at St Mary Redcliffe school

    Loool st Mary redcliffe school had a rap battle, I need to see this

    nahhhhthe St Mary Redcliffe school rap battle is on par with supa hot firee rap battle

    Had no clue that rap-off was from St Mary Redcliffe, it's brilliant looooool

    how has this st mary redcliffe thing got over 100k likes on fb looool

    Twitter and Facebook full of st mary redcliffe's rap battles

    BuzzFeed News cannot verify the claims, but the uniforms certainly look very similar.

    Numerous people got in contact with BuzzFeed to confirm the video was indeed shot at St Mary Redcliffe school.

    And headteacher Elisabeth Gilpin has now told the Bristol Post:

    "The 'rap battle' concerned took place in Feb/March 2014 at lunchtime in the playground and was dealt with at the time by a member of staff.

    "Many of the students involved now no longer attend the school.

    "Those that do have been dealt with, with regard to the inappropriate language and sentiments and the dangers of posting anything on Facebook."

    Gilpin added: "I certainly don't want five minutes of inappropriate playground activity approximately 6 months ago to be considered as representative of our students.

    "The students concerned have been very apologetic and embarrassed to be perceived in this way and want to make sure that they do not become permanently associated with this.

    "They have learnt a hard lesson about the power of the internet."