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    This Plane Came Ridiculously Close To Landing On Top Of A Sunbather

    Well this was close.

    This is the incredible moment a plane came within inches of landing on a man sunbathing on a beach in Germany.

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    Bild / Via

    Pilot Juergen Drucker was attempting to land his Piper small aircraft at Heligoland, a small island in northern Germany.

    Bild / Via

    The 52-year-old admitted to German newspaper Bild he had been the one flying the plane when it almost collided with the unidentified sunbather.

    Bild / Via

    “I’m very sorry… the man on the beach I could not see… but I am glad nothing happened to him," he said.

    Bild / Via

    The eyewitness who took the video said they had seen a number of planes land at the airstrip before the incident.

    “I noticed immediately that it was too low. The man on the beach was incredibly lucky,” they said.

    Mr Drucker said the plane would require some repair work after hitting the fence.

    Bild / Via

    So close.

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