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This Kid Has Got The Perfect Way To Deal With Haters And The Internet Loves Him

You can all stop now, we have our winner.

Meet Brandon Bowen. Here he is "blocking out the haters".

*Sound required to appreciate the full greatness of this Vine.

Brandon, 16, is from Georgia in the U.S. and, quite rightly, the internet absolutely loves him.

His Vines are devastatingly funny and have been re-created by numerous other users.

"Hey I'm sorry I didn't see you there I was too busy..." "Stealing a Vine from a child."

His haters clip has received more than 110,000 likes and been re-Vined almost the same number of times.

What! Wow I can't believe this got 110k likes!!!

The teenager now has more than 60,000 followers on Vine.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new king of comedy.