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This Is What Happens When A Flock Of Birds Flies Into A Plane's Nose

It's not known if any of the birds survived.

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On Tuesday this Turkish Airlines plane collided with a flock of birds and the result was quite dramatic.

Twitter: @flight_report

The airline told BuzzFeed News that the Boeing 737-800 was flying from Istanbul to Nevşehir when the incident occurred.

The Flight-Report website first shared the images earlier this week.

Twitter: @flight_report

In an email statement, Dr. Ali Genc, senior vice president of media relations for the airline, told BuzzFeed News that damage to a plane’s nose, or radome, by birds is a common incident in civil aeronautical operations, and that the radome area is constructed of soft materials "to minimalize the impact of such hits”.

“Therefore," he said, "such standard/normal deformation occurs as a natural result of such incidents."

He added that "the critical bird hits in aviation" are those that occur in the engine area, and that hits on any other area – e.g. the radome, wings, hull etc – do not pose the same risk.

And Flight-Report said on Wednesday that the plane had been repaired and was back in the air.

Follow-up on #TK2004 TC-JHE which suffered a #birdstrike ytd, plane is now fixed & back in the air! @flightradar24

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