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    This Is What A Christmas Tree Throwing Championship Looks Like

    Probably more fun than trying to throw a shoe over a building.

    In case you missed it, the Christmas Tree Throwing Championships took place recently.

    The event, which took place at Keele Christmas Tree Farm in Staffordshire, saw incredible tree-throwing efforts.

    Participants taking part in the charity event had to throw a six foot, 22 pound tree as far as they could.

    They also had to see how high over a bar they could launch their tree.

    The BBC reported that each contestant had three attempts to see how far they could throw a Christmas tree and three attempts to see how high they could get one.

    The event was set up to raise money for the Help for Heroes charity.

    Charlie Reynolds, the 19-year-old organiser, was quoted by the BBC as saying before the event: "We've got 100 trees of the same size and weight over the two days, because over time branches will fall off and they'll get lighter."

    He added: "In Germany they've been running a competition just after the main festive celebrations for about eight years, and always ask people to turn up with their old trees."

    The event took place on Saturday and Sunday.