This Is Britain’s Biggest Ice Cream And It Contains 21,000 Calories

“Can I get a flake in that?”

1. Chef Justin Meany decided he wanted to create Britain’s biggest ice cream…

Caters / Via

2. So he created this monstrosity.

Caters / Via

3. The huge ice cream takes two hours to create from scratch, includes 99 scoops and weighs around 9lb.

Caters / Via

4. “Now the weather is nice, everyone wants to be eating ice cream, so this mammoth real-life 99 is perfect and tasty as well,” Meany said.

Caters / Via

5. You just have to ignore the fact it contains 21,000 calories.

Caters / Via

6. Meany’s JD’s Grill in Plymouth has a tradition of creating monster food and last year produced Britain’s biggest burger containing 25,000 calories.

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Richard James is the UK news editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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