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This Video Of A Swan Attacking A Golfer Continues To Be Hilarious

It's the guy's laugh that makes it. A bit of NSFW language, so headphones required.

If you haven't seen this video from Valentine's Day, you really need to.

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And you need to turn it up loud because the chap recording the incredible altercation has one of the all-time greatest laughs.

Selected commentary highlights include: "He's fucking charging him!"

"Come on you fanny, fuck's sake!"

"Just fucking charge it!"

The chap recording the video said things continued to go bad for the hapless golfer even after he stopped filming.

"I wish I had kept filming as he put his ball straight in the pond, then the swans went for him again over the bridge," he said.

The video has so far been watched over 180,000 times and has started to go viral again after SPORT Bible uploaded it to Facebook on Tuesday.

It has so far been watched almost two million times on their page.

And in June, video-on-demand service Blinkbox even used the video for an advert promoting the US hit TV show Game of Thrones.

View this video on YouTube

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