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    This Unsuspecting Tourist Almost Got Trampled By The Queen's Guard In London

    “Being ex-military myself I’m more embarrassed than anything else."

    A tourist has spoken of his embarrassment after almost being flattened by a troop of Queen’s Guard soldiers outside Buckingham Palace.

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    A video of the incident in central London at the weekend has already been watched 1.5 million times on YouTube.

    The man in the viral clip has been named as 58-year-old Gerry Weatherhead, MailOnline reported.

    The retired RAF engineer from Haverhill, in Suffolk, told the website he had been in London with his wife and they'd decided to go see the Trooping of the Colour.

    He took some photos of the royal family at The Mall and then walked through St James's Park, he said.

    “To be honest with you I was dying for a pee and with all the noise and the chatter I didn’t hear them [the soldiers] coming – and that’s when all hell broke loose,” he told MailOnline.

    "When the soldier bumped into me I initially thought a horse had walked into me."

    Weatherhead was rather red-faced about the incident due to his previous occupation. "Being ex-military myself I'm more embarrassed than anything else," he said.

    The 58-year-old said it could have helped if the soldiers have alerted him sooner, but conceded it had been his fault the collision occurred.

    Despite the embarrassment, Weatherhead appears to be enjoying his moment in the limelight.

    Facebook: gerry.weatherhead

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