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This Guy's Date Stood Him Up So He Went On TV To Ask Her Out, Only To Be Dumped On Air

Kylie Minogue looked shocked at the decision. BuzzFeed spoke to the pair after their story went viral.

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Meet Thomas Hewitt and Jessica Anne Ball. The pair went to the same drama school a number of years ago and recently Thomas asked Jessica out on Facebook.

But Thomas' attempts to take Jessica on a date ended in him being dumped on national television and their story going viral on the internet.

Jessica told BuzzFeed she agreed to go on the date after their mutual friends told her Thomas was really fun.

However, she had to postpone their first meeting, so they rearranged.

Thomas told BuzzFeed he then booked tickets to the theatre, only for Jessica to cancel again.

Jessica maintains she had a very good reason to postpone – she and her friends had been invited on the The Graham Norton Show after Kylie Minogue noticed a picture of them dressed up on a "hag do".

Um...Kylie ACTUAL Minogue retweeted our picture!! AGHHHH!

"We were all invited to be there, I couldn't miss it!" she said.

A tad miffed, Thomas tweeted the show and suggested he should come on the show to tell his story.

@TheGNShow I hope you lot are happy with yourselves. Been looking forward to this for ages! @grahnort

A regular segment at the end of the BBC One chat show sees audience members tell an embarrassing story or make a confession, and the celebrity guests get to decide whether or not to dump them out of the aforementioned "red chair".

Jessica said Thomas had told her that he managed to got his shift back at work after she cancelled and so off she went to the filming of the show...

Only for Thomas to appear in the red chair.

The Graham Norton Show / Via


The Graham Norton Show / Via

"As I had no plans for tonight, I thought I'd come down and rearrange for next week," Thomas told Graham Norton.

So the host asked Jessica: "Are we going to flip Thomas or let him walk?"

And Jessica decided to ditch him.

She told the celebrity guests: "Kylie will you please lever him off the red chair."

Thomas told BuzzFeed that the show had contacted him after he sent his tweet.

"They asked me to keep it secret from Jess, so she had no idea I was going to be there. I used a different entrance to the rest of the audience and was kept backstage to avoid her spotting me. It was not set up," he revealed.

"From the texts we'd had before the show I knew she'd take it in good humour and I was expecting it to be up to her whether to flip me."

It wasn't all bad news for Thomas, though. After filming Jessica invited him out for a drink with her friends.

She gave in & took him for a drink! @grahnort @McInTweet @jrwolstenholme @jessicaanneball @Firthy1981 @kylieminogue

They even agreed to go on a date on Tuesday.

I don't hold anything against Jessica. She's actually lovely. We have rearranged the date for Tuesday. #RedChair #GrahamNorton

The pair said the reaction this week has been crazy.

Going viral is exhausting. This is actually bat shit crazy!

Jessica said those that know her think it's hilarious, but there are others online who have taken her decision really seriously.

Thomas added: "All my friends and family think it's hilarious and something only I would do.

"I've been amazed at the reaction since. More so that everyone seems to be trolling Jess, but they don't know the story out of context. I keep trying to defend her but there's too many."

But what about their date on Tuesday?

Well, they apparently had a lovely time, but have agreed that it's probably best to stay as friends rather than anything more.

But Thomas doesn't want any sympathy, he reckons he's doing just fine.

For anyone worried about me after my @TheGNShow appearance, don't! I did alright before and I will again... #RedChair

You can watch the segment on The Graham Norton Show below.

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