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    This Guy Got 17 Of His Friends’ Names Tattooed On His Leg During A Lads' Holiday

    Danny-Joe Parkinson told BuzzFeed his mates loved the new ink work, but his family weren't too keen.

    This is 19-year-old Danny-Joe Parkinson from Leigh in Greater Manchester.

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    Parkinson is currently on holiday in Malia, Crete, with a group of his mates.

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    And last night Parkinson decided to get a tattoo with 17 of their names permanently inked on his left leg.

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    The list of names includes his own nickname, Banjo, and the name of a mate, Everitt, who decided to pull out of the holiday – hence why it's crossed out.

    Parkinson told BuzzFeed the tattoo was a bet, although he added: "But I do love all my mates."

    The 19-year-old said his friends were all big fans of his new ink work but his family weren't too happy.

    "I'm full of bad tattoos if I'm honest. I've got 'BBQ' tattooed on my rib. I've got an origami boat on my arm," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

    He also said he was "a bit drunk, but not that drunk" during the inking, and had got the tattoo done after two of his friends bet him that he would never go through with it.

    The picture of his unique tattoo has spread online but Parkinson said he's not fussed.

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    "I didn't think it'd take off like it did, but it's just funny, the world needs a bit of random/funny news in it," he told BuzzFeed.

    Parkinson said the group were on holiday until Tuesday, so there was "plenty of time to do other mad stuff".