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This Guy Is Drawing Cryptic Clues On Envelopes For Royal Mail Staff To Solve

Sending post just became fun again.

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He has been creating a series of cryptic messages on the envelopes he sends to keep staff on their toes.

“There was a postman there called Frank – the most efficient postman I know,” he explained.

“[I] started to write cryptic messages and envelopes on the back of envelopes to see if he would work them out.”

He added: "To my disbelief he did and the post office in Great Missenden, hats off to them, would actually draw and write little messages and work these codes out which was fantastic."

He said staff started adding smiley faces to the envelopes once they had solved the riddles.

Addison created a video documenting his efforts two months ago and it has now started to spread across the internet as people share his ingenious envelopes.

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