This Guy Gets Turned On By Having Insects Crawl Over His Naked Body

    The fetish is called formicophilia, and if you don't like bugs, you're going to hate this.

    This is Christopher. He has a quite unusual sexual fetish.

    Christopher gets a kick out of having insects crawl all over his naked body.

    On his face.


    And penis.

    Christopher appears on the Showtime series Sex With Sunny Megatron, where he discusses his fetish, known as formicophilia.

    "I'm very sensation-orientated," he says on the show. "I find sensation really sexy and I think the bugs are going to add a sexy point to that."

    Sunny Megatron, the show's host, told BuzzFeed News that the fetish was quite unusual.

    She said it was the most unusual fetish featured on the show, adding:

    For many people it's the sensation that's the draw. Insects that tickle, stroke, or slither can feel very pleasurable on erogenous zones. Those that are into pain often find bugs that bite and sting to be more of a turn on.

    When you break most fetishes down to their lowest common denominator they really aren't that unusual.

    For instance, people into insects are aroused by sensation. People who like to stroke feathers across their skin are aroused by sensation too. Looking at it that way helps put things in perspective.

    Sex With Sunny Megatron is currently airing on Showtime. The trailer is NSFW, obvs:

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