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This Guy Documented His Left Foot's Amazing Last Moments After Deciding To Cut It Off

"Please cut here."

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Joseph Pleban took the brave decision to have his left foot removed when doctors told him he had a rare bone and joint disease that was causing recurring benign tumours in his ankle.

The condition, pigmented villonodular synovitis, led to the 23-year-old being told he could no longer pursue extreme sports.

“Over six years I had to give up all of the sports I loved. Although taking my ankle away was a big sacrifice, the chance to regain the ability to play those sports again meant it was a no-brainer," he explained.


Pleban said he is already planning his Halloween costume ideas with his girlfriend.

“I could be a surfer and she could be a shark – maybe we could add a surfboard with a shark bite out of it," he suggested.

“I would like to get a leg with a USB port that converts the kinetic energy from me walking into electrical energy to charge my phone.”