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    This Grandmother Loves Making Massive Penis Quilts And Now You Can Own One

    Who the hell doesn't want a 5ft penis in their house?

    If you're looking for something to finish off your newly-decorated front room, how about one of these magnificent giant penis quilts?

    HollyPolyester / Via

    The huge phallic creations are the work of grandma Holly Stewart, of Kansas City, who recently raised money through KickStarter to run an exhibition of her MA thesis work called "HollyPolyester: Local Grandmother Quilts Giant Penises."

    The display was created at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and featured a variety of Stewart's work.

    In a video on her Kickstarter page, Stewart explains she was inspired to create the huge penises after working as a de-molder in a dildo factory.

    She said the breakthrough came when she created an oblong piece of work that her art teacher gingerly suggested looked like a sex toy and "it was that ah-ha moment where I knew that that's the work I needed to be doing".

    So she created a donation page to help her raise money for promotional materials to advertise the exhibition of her work.

    She had an initial target of $250 but managed to raise over $300 to help her cause.

    One of the subsequent fliers describes the show, which ran from 4 September till 19 September, as: "An exploration of the phallus as the site of the female empowerment and the rightful status of the crone in contemporary society".

    Stewart is also selling some of the giant penises on Etsy.

    HollyPolyester / Via

    This piece is known as "So Much Pubic Hair and What a Big Cock".

    The description reads: "Hairy scrotum and a big flowery penis. This is a big and meaty, standing nearly 9" tall this stout guy has a pad of matted stringy pubic hair.

    "It takes all kinds."

    You'll need almost £500 if you want this penis bag.

    HollyPolyester / Via

    "This guy is always happy to see you. Not a punching bag this is a hugging and loving bag. You push him over and he comes right back up. Exactly what a penis is supposed to do.... at least in MY experience that's what they do," Stewart writes.

    So if you want a 5ft hugging, loving penis bag, you now know where to go.

    You can see more of Stewart's work here and on the exhibition's Facebook page.

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