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    This Family Has Installed A 130ft Waterslide In Their Garden After Buying It From A Leisure Centre For £50


    This is Rachel Betts and this is the 130ft waterslide her family has installed in her garden after buying it from a local leisure centre.

    Geoff Robinson

    Her father Paul bought the flume for just £50 when he noticed it being taken down from Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre in Suffolk and thrown in a skip.

    Archant Archant

    It is now being installed at his daughter’s home in the village of Stonham Aspal for her two sons Oscar, 2, and Oakley, six months.

    Geoff Robinson

    Around half of the slide, which comes in 18 three-metre pieces, has already been put in place.


    Rachel is quoted by the Daily Mail as saying: “I was absolutely shocked when dad said he had bought the waterslide, but I thought it would be brilliant to have in the garden.

    “It was very tricky to get all the pieces here as they are so big and heavy, but we managed to use our truck and hire an articulated lorry.

    Archant Phil Morley/Archant

    “We're planning to use it as a slide most of the year round, but we may put a paddling pool at the bottom in the summer and use a pump to get water flowing through.”

    Geoff Robinson

    Paul’s son Shaun Betts also told Archant news agency: “It’s just fantastic. We’ve all had a go on it – apart from nan and gran.”

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