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    This Dog Had A Miraculous Recovery After Falling Into A Tar Pit

    The poor pooch was stuck to the ground before being freed.

    This is the story of a dog that fell into pool of hot tar in Rajasthan, India, and became stuck, unable to move.

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    The video above reveals how a passerby saw the dog struggling and contacted the Animal Aid Unlimited rescue centre.

    Staff from the centre, which looks after injured and ill street animals, spent hours trying to massage the tar off the dog.

    The video, released on 27 September, shows the group working to remove the black tar from the dog's fur using vegetable oil.

    The dog is shown stuck to a brown mat placed underneath it.

    Animal Aid Unlimited said it took three hours to clean and free the dog, although that time was spread over two days.

    At the end of the video, having survived the ordeal, the unnamed brown dog is shown happily wagging its tail and being fed.