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This Comedian Is Calling For People To Boycott "Jurassic World" Over Its Dinosaur "Racism"

"I don’t know if Nigel Farage was responsible for finding the fossils of this dinosaur bro, but I am shocked."

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British comedian Guzzy Bear has released a tongue-in-cheek video jokingly calling for a boycott of the summer blockbuster Jurassic World, accusing it of prehistoric racism.

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In the clip, Guzzy Bear performs as his character Mobeen, who comes from Small Heath in Birmingham and recounts a recent trip he and his friend took to the cinema to watch the new dinosaur film.

Mobeen tells viewers he was shocked to hear the line "the pachys are out of containment" during the first few minutes of the film.

The quote is a reference to the Pachycephalosaurus species featured in Jurassic World, but Mobeen expresses mock outrage at the apparent use of a racial slur for people of Pakistani descent.

Mobeen then jokes that the incident has ruined his childhood memories of the Jurassic Park franchise.

"I don't know if [UKIP leader] Nigel Farage was responsible for finding the fossils of this dinosaur bro, but I am shocked.

"You can't just be running around in a big blockbuster movie in the first five minutes saying, 'The Pakis [sic] are out of control again.' Bro, we get enough bad press as it is."

The video, uploaded on Monday, has already been watched over 340,000 times on YouTube and has received over 700,000 views on on Facebook.

Guzzy Bear, real name Guz Khan, told BuzzFeed that people had told him it was the funniest rant they'd ever seen.

"Many have comprehended that it's light-hearted banter," he said, "but also that there is an underlying message of how racist terminology will invoke negativity, and rightfully so, plus it's always a good way to bring the racist/Islamophobic brigade out!"

He said the reaction to the clip has been crazy, and that he feels blessed "that so many people appreciate the comedy of a relatively new comedian".

Earlier this week he was continuing his mock outrage on Twitter.

@afshan_azad Miss Azad this isn't funny fam, I just heard that T-Rex voted for UKIP as well!

@NityaGRajan Nitya this is a conspiracy on a global scale my friend...😆 Has to be the first time the Daily Mail has run a story with a bearded brown man, and it hasn't been about terrorism

Spielberg has done this racism ting before! E.T was a brown immigrant and they sent him 'back home!' I'm calling the police! #Pakisaurus

As for his verdict on Jurassic World, Khan said: "I really like Chris Pratt, he's a cool dude to have in a movie like this."

"I was most excited about the raptors hunting Indominus rex, that was very cool, but it didn't grab me like the original, when I sat in the cinema as a beardless boy.

"I was so hyped that I punched my cousin in the eye socket. You have to be very excited to do stuff like that."