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This Cancer Survivor Is Pushing A Massive Testicle Across America

“It’s my reincarnated left testicle. I call him Lefty.”

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Cantley, who calls himself Ballsy, was diagnosed with stage III testicular cancer in 2009.

In an interview with Men's Health, Cantley revealed his left testicle swelled to the size of an orange and became so painful he couldn't put trousers on.

When he eventually sought medical help he was told the cancer had already spread to his lymph nodes, and, if remained untreated, would spread through his body and to his brain.


He was working as a photographer and videographer in New York at the time, so flew home to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to have the testicle and infected lymph nodes removed.

After recovering from surgery, the photographer decided to help spread awareness of testicular cancer and help educate younger men.

Cantley told the magazine in 2013: “Cancer was my rebirth."

Here he is explaining his awareness campaign.

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He's encouraging people to sign his ball as part of his campaign to raise awareness.

He wants to be a voice for testicular cancer, and is determined to connect with people "on a personal level" during his trip across America.


Ballsy is keen to do inspiring things and have amazing journeys while connecting with survivors and their families, and he and his team are hoping to rely on the kindness of strangers to put them up and help in whatever way they can.

"Strip away money, strip away everything... Just you and your support," he declares in one of his YouTube videos.

You can follow Cantley's journey on his Facebook page and website.