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    This Broke And Jobless Man Found His Calling In Life When His Mother Sent Him Some Oil Paints

    When he was down on his luck, Scott Laufer returned to his childhood passion. He spoke to BuzzFeed News about how he turned his life around.

    As a child in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, Scott Laufer had a passion for drawing, but his interest in art disappeared when he became a teenager.

    During his first four years in LA, he flew home only a few times, but on each visit he witnessed his young sister’s growing interest in art.

    Laufer initially hated the medium he had abandoned, but was determined not to let it beat him again. “I felt like the only thing I could start to control in my life was the paint,” he recalled. So for the next year or two he took painting up as a hobby.

    In December 2012, he returned to Bellefonte for a month, bringing with him his paints and a copy of How to Paint Like the Old Masters. Using two of his four siblings as models, he produced these paintings:

    He said he had no idea where his interest in painting in the style of 16th century masters came from, but it may have something to do with growing up in the woods of Pennsylvania in an antique mountain town.

    Laufer has never exhibited any of his work publicly, except for a party his friend threw him at a bar.

    He said his next body of work will explore and document the creative people around him.

    You can see more of his work on his website and Instagram page.

    Here he is explaining his art and inspirations.