This Baby Apparently Still Has Static Hair A Year After Her Mother Was Struck By Lightning

The lightning strike caused the child to be born two weeks early.

1. Kimberly Gordon is known as “flash Gordon” to her parents because she was born just after her mother was struck by lightning.

KOAT / Via

2. The family claims their child still has permanently static hair a year after the incident.

KOAT / Via

3. The young girl was delivered by emergency caesarean section after Kendra Villanueva was hit during a rainstorm in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

KOAT / Via

The pair, and Kimberly’s father, Ian Gordon, were rushed to hospital after being struck.

4. Kimberly’s parents say she still can’t digest food properly or sit up unaided.

KOAT / Via

Villanueva told KOAT: ‘It’s hard seeing that she can’t eat like she’s supposed to and can’t have food yet, just through the [feeding] tube. But other than that I’m glad she lived through it all.”

“She’s just kind of a play-it-by-ear baby,” Gordon added.

“Everybody we’ve seen says it’s a miracle she’s alive.”

5. Gordon said he hoped his “flash Gordon” baby will go on to “run fast, or save the universe”.

KOAT / Via

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