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This Baby Apparently Still Has Static Hair A Year After Her Mother Was Struck By Lightning

The lightning strike caused the child to be born two weeks early.

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The young girl was delivered by emergency caesarean section after Kendra Villanueva was hit during a rainstorm in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

KOAT / Via!bfpME0

The pair, and Kimberly's father, Ian Gordon, were rushed to hospital after being struck.

Kimberly's parents say she still can't digest food properly or sit up unaided.

KOAT / Via!bfpME0

Villanueva told KOAT: 'It's hard seeing that she can't eat like she's supposed to and can't have food yet, just through the [feeding] tube. But other than that I'm glad she lived through it all."

"She’s just kind of a play-it-by-ear baby," Gordon added.

"Everybody we’ve seen says it’s a miracle she’s alive."