This Adorable Kid Really Doesn’t Like It When His Dad Steals His Nose

The old classic.

1. YouTube user Jesse Fulcher posted this sweet video of him playing with his young son last week.

Writing in the video description, Fulcher said: “Hanging out with my son before bed time when I thought I’d try the ol’ ‘Steal the Nose’ trick.

“My son’s reaction was pretty priceless.”

2. First the dad “stole” his son’s ear, which didn’t go well…


Having replaced it, the young boy was asked if he wanted his nose removed as well.

Surprisingly given his response to losing his right ear, he said yes.

3. But once again, our young hero didn’t like the outcome of losing a facial feature.


4. This is classic family bonding right here.


5. Fulcher appears to be happy with the success of his video now it has started going viral.

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