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    This Teenage Footballer Stunned Everyone When He Was Made To Stand On A Chair And Sing

    Well they weren't expecting this.

    Teenage goalkeeper Rory Watson made Hull City’s match-day squad for the first time at the weekend and the night before the game was made to stand on a chair and sing a song as part of his initiation.

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    The 18-year-old announced he would be singing Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours".

    What his fellow players apparently didn't realise is that Watson appears to be quite a talented singer.

    Hull's captain Curtis Davies uploaded a video of the performance on Friday evening ahead of the side's 2-2 draw with Newcastle.

    Unfortunately Watson didn't make the starting XI or the bench but he still managed to make headlines thanks to his excellent singing.

    Listen to @rory_watson sing "I'm yours" he's has the voice of an angel #SongBird @SimonCowell #InitiationSong

    Curtis Davies #6@TheCurtisDavies

    Listen to @rory_watson sing "I'm yours" he's has the voice of an angel ?????? #SongBird @SimonCowell #InitiationSong

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    And now let's compare it to the original.

    View this video on YouTube

    Nice one Rory.

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