23 Things You’ll Experience Over The Next Month If You Don’t Care About The World Cup


So the World Cup is set to take over EVERYTHING for the next month or so.


Which is great if you love football but sucks big time if you don’t. Welcome to your new life:

1. Your favourite pub will become a no-go area.

2. Your TV viewing is over.

Paramount Pictures / Via giphy.com

3. The people who used to share your lack of interest in football will turn on you and become smug “fans”.

4. You will continually ask: “Is it over yet?” and constantly be disappointed.

Warner Bros. / Via cinema-rant.com

5. This rather angry man will dominate every conversation you hear.

RTE / Via youtube.com

6. This will get very boring and quite depressing.

7. Lego reconstructions will really start to fuck you off.

8. The words “extra time” will fill you with dread.

9. However, penalties will be pretty fun.

Chris McGrath / Getty

Scott Heavey / Getty


10. And the fights seem quite amusing.

ABC / Via youtube.com

11. You will learn to hate Cristiano Ronaldo.

12. You will continue to hate Pitbull.

Ricardo Moraes / Reuters

13. And everyone who pretends they’ve heard of some Iranian left back who trended on Twitter for like two minutes.

14. You’ll get angry the superior sporting events won’t receive the appropriate attention.

Stefan Wermuth / Reuters / Reuters

15. You’ll also get fed up with every conversation in the office starting with: “Did you see…?”

16. And constantly having to listen to people debate who will play who in the next round.

17. You will see too many tweets by this man.

18. Your social life will effectively be over as you have no idea what anyone is talking about most of the time.

United Artists / Via heckyeahreactiongifs.tumblr.com

19. Although, there’s no one to talk to anyway as they’re all checking their phones for the latest scores.

Chris Jackson / Getty

20. Your favourite celebrities will try and get involved. And ruin everything.

FA / Via giphy.com

21. You’ll get seriously pissed off with how tired everyone is because they’ve been up all night watching matches they don’t even care about.

NBC / Via replygif.net

22. You’ll be utterly depressed by how warm Brazil looks.


23. And the terrible (and potentially offensive) memorabilia.

Carmel Wilkinson/PA

Stupid bloody football.

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