These Six Questions Could Determine Whether You Have An Alcohol Problem

Scientists believe the questions could establish whether a person suffers from a drinking problem or is at risk of one.

1. University of Leicester researchers examined 17 alcohol studies to determine whether one or two questions could establish if someone has a drink problem.


The team, led by Alex Mitchell, a consultant in psycho-oncology, found that the two questions below allowed them to correctly identify alcohol abuse in 87.2% of cases.

The questions also identified those without a problem in almost 80% of cases.

And the study, which was published in the British Journal of General Practice, also revealed that the questions produced results of 90.9% accuracy when combined with four follow-up queries.

2. The first two questions:

- How often do you have six or more drinks on one occasion?

- As a result of your drinking or drug use, did anything happen in the last year that you wish didn’t happen?

3. The follow-up questions are based on the CAGE questionnaire developed in 1984.

Answering yes to two or more questions may indicate that you have an alcohol problem.

4. Do these apply to you?

- Have you ever felt you needed to cut down on your drinking?

- Have people annoyed you by criticising your drinking?

- Have you ever felt guilty about drinking?

- Have you ever felt you needed a drink first thing in the morning to steady your nerves or to get rid of a hangover?

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