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These Harry Potter Fans Spent £20,000 On A Wizard-Themed Wedding And It Looked Awesome

Everyone even got their own wand.

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Zoe and Alex Pitas are huge Harry Potter fans; so huge they styled their entire wedding around the fantasy series.

The pair turned The Wroxeter Hotel near Shrewsbury into their very own Hogwarts for their special day.


They even made 100 wands for the guests.

Commenting on her unique wedding, Zoe said: "It was just the perfect day.

"Neither of us had done anything like this before so we were unsure what it would look like overall, but I am so pleased with how everything turned out - it wasn't tacky and felt magical.”

She revealed she hadn’t actually read any of J.K. Rowling’s books until her son Max was born.

"Alex had always been a massive fan after reading the books as a child. But I had never read them before Max was born," she said.

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"Alex said that the Harry Potter books were such a big part of his life, we needed to introduce our son to them. So I started reading them to Max and I couldn't put them down.”

She revealed the pair couldn't decided on a theme for their wedding as they "didn't like butterflies or flowers" so decided to go with the Harry Potter theme as the books meant so much to them.

"We decided, if we were going to spend money on a wedding it should be super personal and one that is memorable," Zoe said.

The pair created many of the props for their big day and saved up for two years. However they still spent just under £20,000 and as a result weren’t immediately able to go on a honeymoon.

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But they have no regrets.

"We had a fantastic time, and Max loved playing with the wands as well," Zoe said.

"We ended up with the wedding party having a duel on the lawn outside, and everyone got into the spirit of things.

"It was a truly memorable day."