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    These Ants Firing Acid Into The Air Is The Most Incredible Thing You’ll See Today

    Don't worry, the foul-smelling venom is harmless to humans.

    Wildlife photographer Paul Quagliana captured the colony firing the acid into the air in Wareham Forest, Dorset.

    REX USA/Paul Quagliana/Bournemouth News / Rex

    Quagliana tapped the ants' nest to provoke the reaction.

    "There are many different species of woodland ants in Britain and these are called Formica rufa," he explained.

    "As a defence mechanism they squirt formic acid which smells a bit like salt and vinegar crisps or fish and chips.

    REX USA/Paul Quagliana/Bournemouth News / Rex

    "If you put your hand an inch or two away from the nest they will squirt the acid to try and drive anything away.

    "It doesn't hurt but it stinks and I imagine if it was to get in your eyes it would probably sting.”

    REX USA/Paul Quagliana/Bournemouth News / Rex

    While harmless to humans the formic acid is enough to scare off potential predators such as woodpeckers and jays.

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