There Is A Man Being Led Around London On A Leash

Is it real, is it a stunt?

1. So this man has been spotted being led around Farringdon on a leash this morning.

2. People have suggested it could be a PR stunt or maybe the man lost a bet.

3. The man was apparently first spotted near Agent Provocateur.

4. However, the store has now claimed it has nothing to do with the incident.

5. Video footage has also emerged of the pair.

6. Update - April 15, 8:45 a.m. (BST)

The Independent has now tracked down the woman involved.

Eden Avital Alexander said the stunt was part of an acting project.

“I do believe that a lot of people raised important issues in their response; such as equality of gender, human rights, animal rights, where PR stops and personal life begins,” she said.

“I am proud of being part of this project, even if it was just to make someone laugh: we should do that more often.”

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