There Has Just Been An Earthquake In Guernsey And People Were Pretty Damn Shocked


1. Guernsey experienced a 4.5-magnitude earthquake at lunchtime on Friday.

4. And people didn’t know what the hell was going on.

wow guernsey just had a minor earthquake

— Luke Pattimore (@luke_pattimore)

How to disrupt a meeting... Have an earthquake half way through! #Weird Jersey and Guernsey

— Jonathon Pugsley (@jonathonfp)

Lol at Guernsey for having an earthquake

— Grace (@Grace_Dovey)

Shocking earthquake pictures coming through from Guernsey. Water container falls to the ground. #bbcguernsey

— Andrew Hislop (@resonantrainbow)

All very well getting excited about an earthquake in Guernsey. What you really want to worry about is the tidal wave it's caused... #Run

— Mitch Le Tissier (@MitchLeTiss42)

*Guernsey earthquake klaxon*

— Joe Zadeh (@Cide_Benengali)

That's the second earthquake I've experienced in Guernsey in 10 years

— Mia O'Hara (@Miajlohara)

On the phone to the old man and he starts telling me the house is shaking?! There's been an earthquake..... In #Guernsey!!!

— Jack Cowens (@JackCowens)

earthquake in Guernsey! who felt it?! it made me jump out of my skin!!!!

— Amber Stark (@_amberstark)

You know you're from guernsey when everyone feels the need to make a status/tweet about the mini earthquake

— Alex Chapman (@alexandraaa_95)

Guernsey just ha an actual earthquake. #wtf

— sophie walden (@misswalden)

No earthquake will stop me sunbathing!

— steffi rose (@steffi_rose)

Woah massive tremor! House shook! #guernsey #earthquake?

— Mel Rees (@MelRees)

Did Guernsey just have a earthquake? Our whole building just shook....

— Julie Twist (@JulieTwist09)

20. Some people managed to miss it though.

Pretty sure I am the only person in Guernsey who did not feel the earthquake.

— Liddy Langlois (@LangloisLiddy)

Seems I missed an earthquake... ho-hum #Guernsey #What?

— Tom Girard (@TomGirard)

22. #wewillrebuild.

Guernsey Earthquake.

— Adam Burroughs (@adburroughs)

23. There have so far not been any reports of any injuries but the quake does appear to have caused some damage.

Inconsiderate earthquakes...

— Bobby (@BsBobstar)

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