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    The Story Of This Dying Dog's Trip To The Beach Will Break Your Heart

    Mr Dukes, an American Staffordshire terrier, loved swimming in the family pool but had never been to the beach before.

    Photographer Zhenia Bulawka has shared the heartbreaking story of her dog’s trip to the beach a month before he lost a battle to cancer.

    Bulawka said Mr Dukes was in the final stages of grade III mast cell cancer at the time of the trip.

    Bulawka turned the trip into a photo series documenting Mr Dukes' time at the beach, including this picture of him sharing a roast beef sandwich with Christian.

    The couple spent the night at a hotel in Ocean City, a few minutes away from Assateague.

    They later went for a walk along the beach at night time.

    Before falling asleep in front of the TV.

    Bulawka also shared this image of a bracelet Christian had made for her that features Mr Dukes and one of their other dogs, Ruby.

    Bulawka said Mr Dukes passed away a month after their trip to the beach.

    You can view more of Bulawka's photographs on her website and Facebook page.