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Café Owner Who Threw Out A Guy For Complaining About Breastfeeding Says "Baby Needs To Eat"

BuzzFeed News spoke to café owner Jessica-Anne Allen after she asked a man to leave when he complained about a woman breastfeeding.

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Jessica-Anne Allen wrote about the incident on the Cheese and Biscuits café's Facebook page that day.

"We were mortified this morning when someone asked us to say something to the young mother, when we politely declined and informed the customer that we were breastfeeding friendly, they then took it upon themselves to say something," she wrote.

"As you can imagine we politely asked the offending customer to leave, but it still left the young mother embarrassed."

Her story was quickly shared hundreds of times.

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Speaking to BuzzFeed News a week later, after publications around the world had covered the incident, Allen admitted she hadn't appreciated how big an issue breastfeeding in public was.

She said women and men had been in contact with their own stories.

"The worst one that sticks with me was a first-time mum who was breastfeeding, covered, and was approached and told how disgusting she is for doing it," Allen said.

"She was so upset and shamed that she stopped breastfeeding altogether. And she had two more children! It saddens me that something like that could happen."


When she asked the man to leave her café he realised pretty quickly she wasn't in the mood for a discussion, Allen said.

"He just sort of squared his shoulders, looked down his nose at me, grabbed his coffee and left," she said.

"It's my belief he may have realised I wasn't [going to] tolerate any discussion from him."

The café owner said there had been both positive and negative feedback to the story.

She added: "We respect everyone's opinion but we do ask that you follow a certain edict when you're visiting us at Cheese and Biscuits. And that was my point when I first posted on Facebook.

"We are glad that so many people are trying to take the stigma or taboo surrounding breastfeeding away. To me it shouldn't even be an issue. Baby needs to eat – feed it."

Richard James is the News Director for BuzzFeed Australia and is based in Sydney.

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