Storm Chasers Capture Incredible Footage Of Supercell Thunderstorm Forming

It looked like the end of the world, thankfully it wasn’t.

1. Basehunters, a storm-chasing team from Oklahoma, captured this astonishing footage of a supercell thunderstorm forming over north-east Wyoming on Sunday.

2. The time-lapse footage has been watched over 2.5 million times after it was uploaded to the group’s Facebook page.

Basehunters / Via

3. Supercell thunderstorms involve continually rotating updrafts and can spawn torrential rainfall, hail storms and sometimes tornadoes.

Basehunters / Via

4. This example was caught by the storm chasers as they travelled from Wright to Newcastle in Wyoming.

Basehunters / Via

5. The group shared an image of the supercell on Twitter as well.

6. Incredible.

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