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    The Kid Who Became A Vine Superstar After "Blocking Out The Haters" Now Wants To Break Into TV

    Someone give him his own show already.

    If you hadn't heard yet, Brandon Bowen is kind of a big deal.

    The 16-year-old from Georgia in the U.S. has over 83,000 followers on Vine thanks to his quirky and amusing little skits.

    His "blocking out the haters" clip has received 135,00 likes and attracted almost 16,000 comments.

    Following a BuzzFeed story on his videos last week, Bowen appeared on Good Morning America to talk about his success.

    Good Morning America

    And the teenager hopes his interview will be the first of many media appearances.

    Speaking to me again, Bowen said: "It was fun to be on GMA, which was my first time on national TV. In two weeks I am flying to New York to be on The Dr. Oz Show."

    "Also I have been talking to TV producers and agencies, so something might become of that."

    The 16-year-old said he would love to work in the entertainment industry but if it doesn't work out he'll go with his back-up plan - becoming a police officer.

    Bowen started using Vine last June after seeing his sister watching the six-second clips on Facebook.

    He said the videos come from "crazy ideas that pop into my little ADHD mind".

    On his success, he concluded: "I don't really feel different other than watching vines of people remaking my vines which is truly flattering."

    Watch out Hollywood.

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