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    Stephen Hawking Relentlessly Mocks John Oliver In Hilarious Interview

    “Well played Hawking, well played.”

    Last Week Tonight host John Oliver travelled to Cambridge to interview theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking for a new segment on his show.

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    Hawking was the first subject of a new interview series on the HBO show called "People Who Think Good".

    The British professor was more than a match for Oliver comedy-wise, with the 72-year-old continually putting his compatriot in his place.

    Hawking told Oliver of the potential danger of artificial intelligence in the future.

    When the TV show host asked why he shouldn't be excited about fighting a robot, Hawking's reply was blunt.

    As was his answer to Oliver's suggestion computers could have become sentient and taken control of Hawking's voice.

    Asking if infinite parallel universes were a possibility, Oliver was hopeful there could be a place where he was smarter than Hawking. The latter said this was true but...

    "What am I thinking about right now?"

    Well played Professor Hawking.

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