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    Some Of The World's Greatest Beards Have Been Put On Display And They Look Glorious

    The Somerset House exhibition is simply titled "Beard".

    A series of beard portraits has gone on display at Somerset House in central London.

    Mr Elbank

    Ricki Hall.

    The 80-plus images were taken by award-winning photographer Brock Elbank.

    Mr Elbank

    Billy Huxley.

    The subjects vary from actor John Hurt...

    Mr Elbank

    John Hurt. Harnaam Kaur, a woman from Slough who suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome – which causes excessive hair growth.

    Mr Elbank

    Harnaam Kaur.

    Elbank began photographing beards while working in Sydney. Through a friend he then met charity campaigner Jimmy Niggles (below).

    Mr Elbank

    Following the death of a close friend to skin cancer, Niggles decided to grow a beard as a conversation starter to spread his friend’s story, Somerset House said.

    Elbank then started #Project60, taking pictures of 60 people with beards to raise awareness of Niggles’ Beard Season campaign.

    Mr Elbank

    Brandon Baker.

    The subjects travelled from all over the world to Elbank's Warwickshire home for the studio session.

    Mr Elbank

    Stefan Bostrom.

    The exhibition includes some of those images, plus other, previously unseen pictures.

    Mr Elbank

    Miles Better.

    Simply titled Beard, the exhibition will run until 29 March.

    Mr Elbank

    Frank Moon.

    You can find out more information here.

    Mr Elbank

    Edwin Venn.

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