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Selfie Sticks Have Now Been Banned At Wimbledon

The devices will not be allowed at the All England Lawn Tennis Club this summer.

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If you’re a tennis fan and love selfies, then you may be in for a bit of bad news, because the All England Lawn Tennis Club has announced that selfie sticks have been banned from the Wimbledon championships.

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As BuzzFeed has reported in the past, a number of UK venues are banning the devices over fears either that they could be used as weapons or that they could ruin the experience for other spectators.

A spokesman for the club echoed those concerns while speaking to the Sunday Times.

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“It is in common with everyone else," he said. "It is partly the nuisance value but primarily so it doesn’t interfere with spectators’ enjoyment.

“There is the possibility that if you are wandering around with one of these things in a fairly tight environment, you might poke someone’s eye out.”

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