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    Posted on Mar 28, 2014

    Rare Tiger Cubs Make Public Debut At London Zoo

    SO CUTE!

    Three of the world’s rarest tiger cubs have made their public debut at London Zoo.

    Via ZSL London Zoo

    The seven-week-old cubs ventured out into the zoo’s Tiger Territory with their mother Melati on Wednesday.

    ZSL London Zoo

    The Sumatran cubs still haven’t been named and their sex remains unknown.

    ZSL London Zoo

    Zookeeper Tracey Lee said: “We were watching the cubs on the hidden cameras in their dens, when it looked like they were about to follow Melati outside – we all rushed to the exhibit and were just thrilled to catch them playing outside for the first time.

    Via ZSL London Zoo

    “We got a real glimpse of their different personalities, as two of the cubs confidently bounded outside while the other one hung back a little and needed a bit more encouragement from mum.

    Via ZSL London Zoo

    “Melati spends 24 hours a day caring for the cubs, playing with them, feeding them and washing them and only leaves them for a few minutes at a time to eat, so they’ve given her the best Mothers’ Day treat of a few minutes peace!”

    That's enough play time.

    Via ZSL London Zoo

    Come on, let's go.

    Via ZSL London Zoo

    There are only thought to be around 300 Sumatran tigers in the wild.

    View this video on YouTube

    Click here for more information on the tiger breeding programme.

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