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    Prince Andrew Takes A Selfie And Ruins Selfies Forever

    The royal took the picture at St James’s Palace. The internet immediately announced the death of selfies.

    On Wednesday, Prince Andrew took a selfie and posted the image on Twitter.

    The royal took the picture at the final of the Pitch @ Palace competition, which was set up to help students interested in launching their own start-up firms.

    Welcome to #pitchatpalace I wish you all a great event, both entrepreneurs and audience. AY

    The Duke allowed mobile phones to be used in the state room at St James’s Palace for the finals of the competition.

    The Duke has made some special exemptions to usual Palace protocol for #Pitchatpalace

    This is a unique day at the Palace because we are encouraging you to use your phones and electronic gadgetry.As a result of that I've decided there's a bit of a thing going around about selfies.

    The internet’s reaction has been pretty predictable:

    Prince Andrew is taking selfies. Dismantle the internet. Dismantle it to the ground.

    Prince Andrew just tweeted a selfie from in the palace. What is this world we're living in?

    prince andrew; like a fleshy, confused thumb

    @itvnews who really cares about prince andrew's selfie. I'd rather have my head chopped off.

    Prince Andrew in thumb-face-selfie shocker.

    Where is the Samsung logo? RT @itvnews: Prince Andrew takes and tweets his selfie

    Now that Prince Andrew is taking selfies I'm looking forward even more to the govt introducing fines to deter such excesses

    Prince Charles you're up next.