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Woman Agrees To Release CCTV Of Her Suspected Rapist Carrying Her Across The Street

The woman was almost unconscious when she was carried across Tennant Street. She was raped minutes later.

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Police have praised the courage of a woman who agreed to the release of CCTV footage showing her suspected rapist carrying her across a street in Birmingham.

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In the clip the man can be seen lifting the almost unconscious 25-year-old woman across Tennant Street on 19 October 2014.

Minutes later, she was raped, West Midlands police said.

Police have previously released an image of a key witness, known as Kevin.

As part of the investigation we also released an image of a witness believed to have dwarfism and called Kevin.

Police said the picture of Kevin, who is believed to have dwarfism, was taken in the Walkabout bar on Broad Street just before he and the woman left the venue at 4am.

A statement by West Midlands police said the pair were walking along Broad Street towards Granville Street when a man spoke to Kevin and scooped the woman in his arms, leaving Kevin alone.

The suspect is known to be a black man, police said.

Detective Constable Danette Calvey, from West Midlands Police’s Public Protection Unit, said:

It must be remembered that this woman has been attacked and that she has displayed remarkable courage by allowing us to release the footage.

She hopes that these new images may jog someone's memory and that their call may make the difference to her attacker being caught or left to roam the streets.

I implore people to take a good look at the CCTV and focus on the man.

Do you recognise him? Were you in the area around the time of the attack? I appreciate it was a long time ago but the situation will have looked very odd and will undoubtedly have stayed with you.

Police urged anyone with any information to contact Calvey on 101 or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

"We will not give up on finding the man who carried out the attack," Calvey said.

"We will also not give up on finding Kevin."

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