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    Police Hunt For Man Who Left Woman Down A Well After She Fell In During Sex

    The pair had only met earlier that night.

    21-year-old Edelia Aponte had to be rescued by fire fighters after falling 15ft down a well while having sex with a man she had just met.

    (Photo: Alejandro Sanz Torrente/Shutterstock)

    Aponte apparently had not realised a wooden covering over the hole in the city of Ciudad Real, in Spain, had come loose causing her to fall into the water almost 5m below.

    Police are now hunting for her partner after he fled the scene, leaving her stranded at the bottom of the well.

    Following an anonymous phone call, local emergency crews attended the scene and rescued the half-naked Aponte after she spent half an hour in the water.


    She was subsequently taken to hospital, treated for hypothermia and discharged the following morning.

    Fire service spokesman Leni Portillo is quoted as saying: "It could have ended in tragedy. Luckily, she could swim and she wasn’t knocked out as she fell."

    The incident happened near the Playa Park which in Ciudad Real.

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